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Joyce Laboso asks residents not to call her 'Your Excellency'

Wednesday August 30 2017

Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso (centre), her

Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso (centre), her deputy Hillary Barchok lead residents in the clean up of the town on August 29, 2017. PHOTO |y GEOFFREY RONO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso has asked residents not to call her ‘excellency’ in the latest bid to endear herself to locals and Kenyans at large.

Dr Laboso, who is among the first three female governors in the country, on Wednesday said her main concern was quality of service and not the big title.

She appeared to go against the preference of most of her colleagues who feel direct reference without ‘your excellency’ is disrespectful .


“I am not interested in designated (special) seats being ferried from one function to another. I will be sitting on any seat being used by the other members of the community,” she said.

She spoke during a clean-up exercise of Bomet Green Stadium, a campaign meant to rid the town of plastic bags and other waste.

The former Sotik MP also announced that a dumpsite near Bomet Central Business District would be relocated to a disused quarry outside the town.


She promised to tame the ballooning wage bill by slashing the county's work force currently standing at 6,000 against the county’s annual revenue collection of Sh200 million.

“I will ensure we have a lean and efficient workforce to serve the people instead of having one that was bloated and doing nothing despite drawing huge salaries,” she said.

She has in the past argued that Bomet’s many employees did not undergo recruitment by the County Public Service Board and wants an audit on qualifications of every member of staff.

Dr Laboso was accompanied her deputy Dr Hillary Barchok and Bomet County Commissioner Erastus Ekidor.

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