Bungoma man arrested for distributing 'warning' leaflets

Tuesday October 24 2017

Charles Mutinda Munyoli

Bungoma County Police Commander Charles Mutinda Munyoli. He has confirmed that one suspect has been arrested for printing and spreading leaflets threatening individuals planning to participate in the October 26 polls. PHOTO | TITUS OTEBA | NATION MEDIA GROUP. 

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Police in Bungoma County have arrested a man suspected to be behind printing and distributing of leaflets warning residents of dire consequences if they take part in the October 26 poll.

The leaflets which were dropped in Bungoma town and Chwele market warned of unspecified consequences if any local resident is spotted in a polling station on Thursday.

Confirming the apprehension, Bungoma County Police Commander Charles Mutinda Munyoli said the suspect was in custody and helping the police with investigations.

However, the police boss refused to reveal the name of the suspect arguing that such a move would jeopardise investigations.

“He will be arraigned in court once investigations are over, we will not tolerate few individuals who think they can issue threats haphazardly," Mr Munyoli said, adding that the police were working hard to apprehend other suspects.


He added that voting was an individual right and put on notice those behind the threatening leaflets that they would be brought to book.

Mr Munyoli stated that enough security officers will be deployed in polling centres and willing Kenyans should turn out in large numbers and vote for their preferred candidate.

The police boss asked those who would not wish to take part in the polls to stay at home and warned those planning causing chaos that "they will meet the full force of the law".

Bungoma is perceived as an opposition stronghold and its governor, Wycliffe Wangamati has been on the forefront in pushing residents to boycott the election.

The opposition coalition has opted out of the repeat election and asked it supporters to boycott the polls after its demands for reforms in the electoral commission commonly known as "irreducible minimums" were not met.

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