Stephanie Moraa's parents want justice for her killing

Thursday November 30 2017

Wycliffe Mokaya.

Mr Wycliffe Mokaya at his home in Manga, Isecha, Kisii County, on November 30, 2017. He said he wants justice for the killing of his nine-year-old Stephanie Moraa, who was shot as police tried quell Nasa protests in Mathare, Nairobi. Moraa was killed while playing with her friends. PHOTO | MAGATI OBEBO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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The parents of Stephanie Moraa, 10, who was killed during post-election protests in Nairobi, has blamed the government for “keeping mum over the incident.”

Moraa was allegedly shot by police on August 12 while playing with other children in Mathare North.


Her father Wycliffe Mokaya said they are yet to get reports of the police investigation into their daughter’s killing.

“Nobody has bothered to tell us what is going on; we are like a people groping in the dark,” Mr Mokaya told the Nation at his home in Manga, Isecha, Kisii County.

His wife Damaclyne Mokaya was away when the Nation visited the family.

“Like other parents affected by these wanton and extrajudicial killing, all that we want is justice,” said Mr Mokaya.

He said they want a detailed report of the investigation.


At least 24 people, among them six-month-old Samantha Pendo from Kisumu County, were killed across the country in the height of the Nasa protests.

“It is as if we had been left lost and stranded. We want to know what next,” said Mr Mokaya in an emotive interview.

He said if the government wants them to go to court they are ready and would gladly cooperate to get justice.


An autopsy report conducted at Chiromo Mortuary showed that Moraa was shot by either a G3 or AK47 rifle.

Mr Jackson Mokaya, Moraa's uncle, said they are not going to rest until they get justice.

"We cannot come to terms with this. This is a loss we have refused to accept and we are still agitating that justice must be done," he said.

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