Governor Charity Ngilu wins House backing in formation of cabinet

Friday November 3 2017

Charity Ngilu

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Members of County Assembly have approved Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu’s nominees for executive committee, praising the team for their individual competencies and suitability for the dockets they will head.

The MCAs on Thursday adopted a report by the assembly committee on appointments which approved all the eight nominees paving way for their swearing in and assumption of office.

According to the report seen by the Nation, the committee gave Governor Ngilu a major boost after it recommended that all the eight nominees be approved for subsequent appointment to their respective dockets.


“They have exhibited impressive knowledge of topical and legal issues touching on their dockets and they have the requisite abilities, qualifications and experience suitable to serve as county executive committee members,” the report reads.

Minority Leader John Kisangau Mbaki who tabled the report praised the nominees’ competencies saying some are more qualified than principal secretaries serving in the national government.

“Mr Speaker, this team satisfies all the relevant benchmarks stipulated in law and as a committee we took into account overall suitability, gender balance, community and cultural diversity of our county” Mr Mbaki said.

He cited the Finance nominee Mary Ndunge Nguli who scored 90.5 per cent during the vetting as an outstanding pick owing to her achievements in Kiambu County where she served as Finance executive under former Governor William Kabogo.

Mr Mbaki told the Assembly that Ms Nguli established a revolving fund in Kiambu that has helped more than 3000 start up businesses with 95per cent repayment rate and established sound financial systems that saw the county ranked tops by World Bank on fiscal responsibility.

Ms Nguli was seconded to Kiambu from National Treasury where she served as senior economist.


The Assembly was also told that health nominee Rosaita Mbukua Ngina had already secured several donor support to the county even before her appointment and that her immense network will be of great benefit to Kitui.

“As a committee, we rewarded merit and competencies and we think the county has a good cabinet to serve the people and help the governor deliver on her manifesto” he said.

Mrs Ngilu picked Nairobi lawyer John Makau to Environment and Natural resources, a former coordinator of Catholic Diocese development Engineer Emmanuel Kisangau for Agriculture, Water and Livestock docket and 31-year-old Philip Mumo as Trade, Cooperatives and Investments executive.

Others are David Kivoto for Education, ICT and youth development, Engineer Jacob Kakundi for Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban development and Patrick Koki Musau for Tourism, Sports and Culture.

Once the team is sworn into office, Mrs Ngilu will now fully take charge of the county affairs while the cabinet she inherited from her predecessor Julius Malombe will cease being in office.

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