Retain Kaimenyi in Cabinet, lobbies tell Uhuru Kenyatta

Friday December 1 2017

Prof Jacob Kaimenyi

Land Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi whom lobby groups from Meru and Tharaka-Nithi want retained as President Uhuru Kenyatta forms his new government after re-election for a second term. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Lobby groups from Meru and Tharaka-Nithi counties have called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to retain Land Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi and other principal secretaries from the community when he forms his new government.

The Ameru Professionals Association and Mount Kenya Youth Caucus said the Lands minister has performed well in the Cabinet.

Addressing journalists at Chuka University Thursday evening after a lengthy consultative meeting, the groups said Prof Kaimenyi has done his ministerial job well and also played a great role in uniting the Ameru people.


Chuka University Vice-Chancellor Erastus Njoka, who is the association’s chairman, said the minister also spearheaded Mr Kenyatta’s re-election campaign in the region, including organising funds drives to facilitate the campaigns.

“We would like the President to consider people who have worked hard to help him deliver his promises to Kenyans and to have him re-elected for a second term,” said Prof Njoka.

He said there are some leaders who antagonised Mr Kenyatta’s government for the whole of his first term but are now angling for the top posts.


He said such people are pursuing their personal interests and would not represent the Ameru people if considered for government jobs.

“We want people who are acceptable to residents of both Meru and Tharaka-Nithi counties,” he said.

The association also raised concerns that some politicians who have expressed interests in the positions could turn against the President once given the jobs and sabotage his agenda for Kenyans because are not loyalists.

Prof Njoka also asked the President to consider giving the region another Cabinet secretary who should come from Tharaka-Nithi County, which he said has been marginalised for a long time.


Mount Kenya Youth Caucus Chairman Linford Mutembei said the president should pick leaders who have been loyal to his administration.

“The Land CS is a performer having initiated many reforms in the sector besides uniting the residents of Meru. We are calling on the President and his deputy to retain him in the Cabinet,’’ he said.

Mr Mutembei added, “We are appealing to the President to stick to people who have supported his government and his party. We do not want people who have been dividing the community.’’

He said Mr Kaimenyi was among ministers who have contributed to the success of the Jubilee administration.

Meru region has one Cabinet secretary, Prof Kaimenyi, and two principal secretaries, Kirimi Kaberia (Sports) and Prof Micheni Ntiba (Fisheries).

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