Banker found murdered in cold blood at home

Saturday November 25 2017

A police officer displays a knife found at a

A police officer displays a knife found at a murder scene in the past. A banker was murdered in her house in Nakuru. PHOTO | BENSON MOMANYI | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A woman in her late 20s who works at a bank in Nakuru town was on Friday found murdered in her house at Racecourse estate.

Nakuru County police commander Hassan Barua said a suspect who is believed to be her boyfriend has been arrested and is assisting police with investigations.

“We have one suspect in custody and initial investigations indicate the murder is related to a love affair gone sour,” said Mr Barua.

Mr Barua said the body had multiple stabs and her mouth was stuffed with polythene bags fuelling speculation that she had been murdered.


He said that for the past one week, the victim had not reported on duty with unknown people sending text messages to her bosses, claiming that she had been admitted to a local private hospital.

However, when her colleagues looked for her, they did not find her.

Mr Barua said that her colleagues decided to go to her house in Racecourse and when they entered the compound they found some household items scattered outside while her door was closed.

They reported the matter to? police who broke the door and found her lying in a pool of blood on the floor of one of her rooms,” said Mr Barua.

He said police have launched investigations to establish the cause and the motive of the murder.

Her body was taken to Nakuru War Memorial Hospital mortuary.

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