Nandi CEC members sign undated dismissal letters during swearing in

Tuesday October 24 2017

Stephen Sang.

Nandi Governor?Stephen?Sang in Mosoriot on September 23, 2017. His County Executive Committee members signed undated resignation letters on October 24, 2017 to make it easier to fire them if they perform dismally. PHOTO | JARED NYATAYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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All the 10 Nandi County Executive Committee members were on Tuesday asked to sign undated dismissal letters to make it easier to be fired if they "misbehave" or perform poorly.

They signed their appointment letters alongside the dismissal ones when they took oaths of office in the presence of Governor Stephen Sang at the county offices.


Signing the undated letters means the county secretary will only fill in the date to enforce their dismissal if such a decision is arrived at.

“This is proof that I will not tolerate anything that will jeopardise my transformation agenda since I am the one who will be held to account by the electorate. You have to perform,” Governor Sang told the executives in Kapsabet.

He asked the officials and other county staff to report to work on time and effectively serve residents, failing which he will be forced to crack the whip.

“There is no way I am going to tolerate late coming yet I am always in the office by 7am. This is a new dawn and all county employees must switch to a new working mode or they will face the music,” said Mr Sang.


Mr Alfred Kiprotich, 33, will be in charge of the Finance and Economic Planning docket, Ms Valentine Chumo, 30, will be in charge of the Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare docket, Mr Elly Kurgat, 28, will be in charge of the Sports and Youths docket and Mr Hillary Kiprotich, 35, will head the Transport and Infrastructure docket.

Others are Ms Ruth Koech, 44, (Health and Sanitation), Mr Jacob Tanui, 43, (Lands, Environment and Natural Resources), Mrs Teresa Morogo, 48, (Administration, Public Service and E-government), Dr Bernard Kiplimo will be in charge of Trade, Investment and Industrialisation, Mr Wilson Kibor, 58, will head the Agriculture Docket, while Mr Stephen Kipkemboi will be in charge of the Education docket.

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