Police in Vihiga injure colleagues mistaken for protestors

Saturday October 28 2017

Chaos Majengo Town, Vihiga

Youths barricade the Gisambai-Majengo road with bonfires on October 28, 2017. They claimed there were marked ballot papers in a vehicle belonging to a local businessman who owns a supermarket in Majengo Town but police said the claims were not true. PHOTO | DERICK LUVEGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Three police officers, among them Vihiga Deputy OCS Henry Recha, have been injured after their colleagues mistook them for protesters during demonstrations held in Majengo Town.

Their colleagues, who were deployed from elsewhere to help contain the situation, beat them up during the Saturday afternoon protests that caught the police unawares.

The incident also saw Central Maragoli MCA Evans Chunguli arrested and detained at Vihiga Police Station for leading the demonstrations and inciting the youth.


The demonstrations started after youths claimed there were marked ballot papers in a vehicle belonging to a local businessman who owns a supermarket in Majengo Town.

The youths barricaded the Gisambai-Majengo road and lit bonfires.

Vihiga County Referral Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Emmanuel Ayodi, said the three officers were treated for minor injuries and discharged.

Several people were injured after police beat them while fighting the demonstrators.


While confirming the incident, Western Regional Police Commander Moses Ombati said the vehicle belonging to the businessman was badly damaged by the protesting youths.

The youths wanted to invade the supermarket and torch it.

"The MCA in our custody has had issues with the owner of the supermarket for long. He incited the youths to attack his vehicle claiming it had marked ballot papers," said Mr Ombati.

He added: "No ballot papers were recovered in the damaged car. Police were called in to contain the situation."

Mr Ombati said the MCA will be charged in court on Monday.

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