Vikash Pattni: Nobody gets what they deserve before their time

Saturday November 25 2017

Vikash Pattni describes himself as a fun loving

Vikash Pattni describes himself as a fun loving 29-year-old. The actor and radio host spoke to ActScene. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Vikash Pattni describes himself as a fun loving 29-year-old. The actor and radio host spoke to ActScene

What was your first love, radio or acting and why?

Acting without a doubt was my first love. I found it very fascinating to have the opportunity to be whatever you want for a brief time, you could be a doctor, engineer, lover, loner, human, animal or anything, get into any skin and experience a different life without taking a rebirth for a couple of months. Radio started off as a channel to get into the circle of entertainment and to get to know where auditions are happening.


When did you start acting?

Probably between five and six years. My grandfather loved his Bollywood movies so I spent a lot of time as a child watching and imitating my favourite actors.


Is Varshita your first local show to star in?

No it isn’t. I had a guest appearance in two episodes of Inspecta Mwala, I had played the role of Dr Zain in a series called Prem and I had played the nephew to Mr Singh in Mr and Mrs Singh before Varshita.


You play Varshita’s dad and the Guruji (spiritual teacher), does this hit home?

Not quite since neither am I a dad nor a Guruji but I have observed many fathers whose characteristics are pretty close to Varshita’s father (Lalit Bhatt) and met a number of self-proclaimed god men or in other words guruji.


What has changed since you started acting in the show?

Unfortunately because of the extra facial hair and the heavy makeup I have in the series, my face isn’t as recognisable as Vikash, but my house help and those who know I play the character often repeat my dialogue when they see me.


Where were you born?

I was born in Mombasa, I was quite proactive and would like to believe I still I’m in my youthful days.

I didn’t know how to get into acting but I knew that’s what I wanted to do.


If you weren’t a radio presenter and an actor what would you be?

I would have been a graphic designer since that’s what I studied and worked as for four years until radio and acting happened.


How would you describe Kenya’s entertainment industry?

It was quite a difficult industry to break into. Initially I felt this was less of an industry and more of a colony where only people who knew each other got work without even auditioning. But it’s changing and now a lot of creative people are interested in showcasing good content hence it is a growing industry.


Are you married or dating?

No I’m not married nor am I dating.? I do fantasise about having a girlfriend or wife who is madly in love with me and having a family but I don’t know when in future this fantasy will come true.


What advice would you give a 21-year-old Vikash?

That nobody gets what they deserve before their time, so calm down, wait for God’s plans and believe in Him.


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