ASIA SCENE: Ghazal maestros on stage with? romantic tunes

Saturday November 18 2017

It's all smiles for the legendary Ghazal

It's all smiles for the legendary Ghazal singers. PHOTO| COURTESY 

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Poetical compositions skillfully interwoven into ragas coupled with soulful renditions enjoy a position of pride at Music Mehfils.

This is a musical genre known as Ghazal where the singer explores emotions to create an extra ordinary expression of the theme of love and romance.

Come December ghazal? majestically illuminates our cultural and musical stage.

Kenya’s premier musical promoter Ranee Productions, in celebrating two decades of enviable service to our world of entertainment, has announced an event that will bring out to us India’s three legendary ghazal maestros on a “timeless journey” of musical fulfilment.

The event takes place at Diamond Plaza Two venue on Saturday December 2 and features Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota and Talat Aziz.

In recognition of their services to music, Indian Government has conferred upon the trion the prestigious Padma Shree facilitations. Kenyan fans have a special relationship with each and every member of the trio.

They love Kenya and adore the following here. To get intoxicated with the music that would pour out of these maestros, book early at Pals Bookshop Diamond Plaza or call Ranee Productions Studios on 0734277667 or 0734277664.

Elsewhere High Commission of India last week celebrated Urafiki Ustav and 70 years of India’s independence with performance of Gotipua Dance at Oshwal Junior High Academy on Thursday evening.

Gotipua is a classical dance where young boys transform themselves into graceful feminine dancers and perform to please Lord Krishna. Coast residents can catch up with this endearing performance at Shree Navnat Vanik Mahajan Mombasa this evening.

The second celebration is the classical dance exposition of Kathak which can be enjoyed at Visa Oshwal Centre Auditorium on November 24 as the troupe then travels on to Kisumu to perform there on November 26.


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