Benjamin Netanyahu pledges to work with Kenya

Wednesday November 29 2017

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a luncheon at State House Nairobi after the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO | PSCU 

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to work with Kenya to fight drought, terrorism, and improve the quality of export cash crops.

On a continental front, Mr Netanyahu asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and other African leaders to absorb Israel to an observer status at the African Union as the security powerhouse seeks to penetrate even more into Africa, a continent it says has great potential.


?“I want you to know that Israel is your partner in achieving those goals here in Kenya and everywhere in Africa. We believe in Africa. We believe in Kenya. We believe in our friendship. This is something that we translate into actual projects,” said Mr Netanyahu.?

Mr Netanyahu was speaking when he gave a keynote address during a luncheon at State House, Nairobi after President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for a second and final term. Eleven African heads of state attended the fete.

Specifically, he said, Israel will work with Kenya on a model farm to produce cash crops for export, as well as centre to fight drought with Israeli water technology.

“Thank you Uhuru for your leadership, thank you for friendship and as we say for ages next year in Jerusalem you are all invited,” said the Israeli PM.

On his third trip to Africa in 18 months, two of them to Kenya, Mr Netanyahu promised to join forces with United States on the ambitious Power Africa to produce 30,000 megawatts (MW) of clean energy and connect 60 million new homes and businesses.

“I have been told a few weeks ago that the United States has asked Israel to be a partner in Power Africa. We would like to work with you and every one of your countries to electrify Africa. We believe in Africa. So for every one of your initiatives there will be an initiative on our part to seize the future to make life better and safer for your people,” he said.


He also pledged to work with the continent to fight extremism including Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and the jihadists in the Sinai that Israel is battling.

“This is a threat to all of us and I believe that we can cooperate with other countries, between us and with others and if we work together we will defeat the barbarians. Our people deserve better, we can provide it for them,” Mr Netanyahu said.

Besides working with them on the individual basis as countries, Mr Netanyahu said, his country could also help on the continental status at the African Union.

“I hope that we all find a way to have Israel become an observer status in the African Union because we can help, we cannot only observe but we can help build together a better future for Africa,” said Mr Netanyahu.

“We love Africa and I would like very much not only to cooperate on the individual basis with each of your countries, with Kenya and with each of your countries but also with the African Union.”

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