Nasa, Jubilee set to give EALA nominee lists on Thursday

Wednesday November 29 2017

Kajiado South MO Katoo ole Metito.

Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito in a past photo. He says the committee handling Kenya's EALA nominations will lock out prospective independent members from the December 13 election. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP  

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The two major coalitions are scheduled to hand over their lists of nominees to the East African Legislative Assembly on Thursday, kicking off a process delayed by the lengthened electioneering period.

MPs will elect Kenya’s nine representatives to the regional assembly on December 13, said Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito, the co-chairman of the joint committee handling the nomination.


The Jubilee Party will get five and the National Super Alliance four slots, with Mr Metito saying the committee had decided to lock out prospective independent members.

The nomination marks more lobbying and jostling for positions as parties look to reward loyalists and valuable members while at the same time get qualified people who can represent Kenya effectively in the regional arena.

Mr Metito said the two coalitions should present nominees equal to three times their entitlement. This means that the Clerks of the Senate and the National Assembly, who are the Presiding Officers for the election, will receive 15 names from Jubilee and 12 from Nasa.?

“Submission of Kenya’s members to the East African Legislative Assembly is long overdue and cannot be over-emphasised. Kenya is the only member state of the East African Community that is yet to submit its names,” said Mr Metito.


The Assembly cannot be inaugurated unless all member states are represented.

Attempts to have the election held before the last Parliament took its final recess in June were scuttled as Nasa refused to increase its nominees to avoid an internal rebellion.

Jubilee scuttled debate several times and did not mind the elections being held after the General Election as it would have faced a tricky political fall-out for favouring some nominees.


The President’s party still has a headache to deal with as 111 of the 208 who applied this time round are from the Jubilee Party.

Others were: 43 from ODM, eight from Wiper, four each from Amani National Congress, Economic Freedom Party and Kanu, three from Ford-Kenya, two each from Kenya People’s Party and Party for Democracy and Reforms and one each from the Frontier Alliance Party, Democratic Party and Party of National Unity.

Twenty-four applicants wanted to go in as independent members and although they were also asked to hand in their nomination papers, they will not be on the ballot paper.

“Independent members are independent of one another, and that was what was adopted (in the last Parliament), and therefore they cannot be construed to be a political party for computing the proportional entitlement of parties,” said Mr Metito.


Mr Metito challenged the coalitions to ensure their nominees are qualified to be MPs in Kenya.

The coalitions were also asked to ensure at least a third of their nominees are women and that there is regional representation and special interest groups are taken care of.

Nasa had last time nominated Judith Pareno, Ronald Ngeny, Abubakar Zein and Kennedy Musyoka, with Ford-Kenya adding Caroline Aluoch. Ms Pareno has since been nominated as a senator.

Jubilee’s nominees were: Mutea Iringo, Justin Bundi, Mohammed Nooru, Simon Mbugua, Nelson Dzuya, Dr Muriithi Kariuki, Eunice Wanjiru Karanja, Abubakar Ogle, Irene Cherop Masit, Rev Canon Naomi Jilo Waqo, Chepkemoi Saidia Stacy, Florence Jematian Sergon, Justus Mate and Pius Atok Ewaton.

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