Sunday October 29 2017

VOCAL ENVOYS: The American ambassadors to Kenya, including the current one, Robert Godec, Nick Mwenda notes, “have always been very vocal, engaging publicly in the country’s political and diplomatic issues”. And Kenya being a former British colony, Nick feels, it’s the British high commissioner in Nairobi that “should be more visible than his US counterpart, but unfortunately it’s not the case”. He asks: “Could the Britons still be haunted by colonial ghosts, making them fear meddling in our affairs? After all, ours is a long historical relationship with Britain.” His contact is [email protected]


SACK ADVISERS: Nasa leader and former presidential candidate Raila Odinga must fire his advisers, says Prof Sam Chege, writing from his base in Kansas, US, in response to the just-ended controversial repeat presidential election. He poses: “Did someone misadvise Odinga that if he withdrew from the race, then there would be no election? Then they made him box himself into a corner and waste an opportunity handed to him by the Supreme Court, which annulled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 election victory.” His contact is [email protected]

RESISTANCE: Someone had better advise Nasa leader Odinga against the idea of launching a resistance movement following the election fallout, says Janet Koi, adding that she is reminded of the bloodletting in civil conflicts some years ago in countries such as Mozambique, Angola, and Namibia, and only recently in South Sudan. This, she warns, could also put Kenya on the path to its total destruction, hence the need for the opposition leader to immediately give up such a potentially deadly undertaking. Her contact is [email protected]

STORM IN CUP: Joy Mukora, responding to an incident at the Panafric Hotel in Nairobi, where Nasa and Jubilee MPs engaged in fisticuffs, remarks: “It’s so unfortunate that a simple metaphorical statement could cause such an uproar between our leaders. By saying that Nasa leaders were taking a cup of tea on his bill, Senator Kipchumba Murkomen, was only trying to bring out their entente cordiale and persuade fellow Kenyans to maintain peace despite their differences of opinions. I don’t think that was enough reason to bring the Nasa leaders out for an exchange of words.” Her contact is [email protected].

DRY TAPS: Water supply to Syokimau/Mlolongo neighbourhoods on Nairobi’s eastern outskirts has been quite erratic, says Ken Ogare, adding that residents are lucky if supplied once in a week. The water supply, he adds, is mainly from Nairobi and is managed by Mavoko Water Company. With the short rains now here, Ken believes this should cease to be such a big problem. He is, therefore, urging Governor Alfred Mutua to break up cartels involved in water distribution, working in cahoots from some officials. For the details, his contact is [email protected]


PRODUCTS BOYCOTT: The most absurd thing Ruth Gituma says she has heard in the past few days in connection with the opposition’s rejection of the repeat presidential election is the call to boycott certain products. Ruth hopes that as is increasingly happening these days, this report attributed to some opposition leaders is fake news! “Will the leaders advocating this kind of economic sabotage also apply the same principle against their own businesses? Absolutely not!” Her contact is [email protected]

Have a reconciliatory day, won’t you!

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