Wednesday October 25 2017

ARDENT ADMIRER: An ardent admirer of acting Internal Security Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, when he restored order at the Kenya National Examination Council and the universities, Job Otieno is alarmed at the “amazing transformation” of the Education minister. His directives banning street protests, which were quashed by a court, he adds, were an indication of a man going in the wrong direction, but which has been worsened by talk of his alleged association with the outlawed criminal Chinkororo gang in his native Gusiiland. “Why soil your reputation, Dr Matiang’i?” he asks.

CRIMINAL GANG: Also alarmed at the reference to the Chinkororo in connection with hardworking Education and acting Cabinet Secretary Matiang’i is Githuku Mungai, precisely because he cannot believe that the CS would have anything to do with such a grouping. Says he: “I do not know much about Chinkororo, but in the last few days, the word has been used in the same sentence with that of the acting Internal Security Minister. Could the minister have been misunderstood or quoted out of context?” asks Githuku, whose contact is [email protected]


HUMANE WAYS: Why can’t our “well-trained” police devise more humane ways to deal with demonstrators, instead of causing mayhem and punishing even those who are going about the normal business? asks Jim Webo. On Tuesday afternoon, on Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, Jim reports, he witnessed police officers indiscriminately firing tear gas canisters at people, including those not in any way involved in riots. “Can’t they just chase and arrest the suspects, as they are trained to do? Is this an admission that their training is not that effective, after all?”

MILITARY FATIGUES: Among the weird developments in the country that have alarmed Antony Irungu, who sees this as an indication of “anarchy in the making” is the emergence of Jubilee women supporters “donning military fatigue-like” outfits. Says he: “Some have been wearing uniforms resembling those of the US military. We all know the government outlawed such clothing for civilians and it should crack down on these party supporters and their leaders before they mutate into something else.” His contact is [email protected]

IT'S MEDICINE: The naming of Muthaiga, the plush residential location west of Nairobi’s city centre has nothing to do with witchcraft charms, Jane Wangari Muthoga clarifies, in response to a recent suggestion. According to her, the name, whose origin is Kikuyu, generally means medicine. “It is so named because, I believe, of the forests, where the medicine men, and not witches, would obtain medicinal herbs for their patients,” explains Jane, whose contact is [email protected]
THEY ARE HYPOCRITES: Hypocrisy in religious beliefs has become the hallmark of many Kenyans, remarks retired senior military officer Imaana Laibuta. Major (rtd) Laibuta adds: “Kenyans are God-fearing people, or so they claim. Indeed, they fear Him so much that they must indulge in all sorts of evil acts, from corruption to tribalism, false churches for money laundering and business through tithe exhortation. They also elect all sorts of criminals to even the top leadership positions to protect them from Him.” His contact is [email protected]

Have a truthful day, won’t you!

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