Thursday October 26 2017

SUPREME FOLLY: When the Supreme Court annulled President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 election, citing “irregularities and illegalities”, Shabbir Malik expected heads to roll, but has been disappointed to note that nothing of the sort has happened. “Why have those responsible for the flawed elections been left to go free? It was not due to some divine intervention. The IEBC should have been disbanded and a new team picked.” Also, while the British fellows who bribed Kenyan election officials in ‘Chickengate” were jailed, “ours are just enjoying their billions”. His contact is s[email protected]


LEGAL ADVISER: Where is the Attorney-General, as the official legal adviser to the government? asks Carey Yiembe, wondering why some terribly disturbing occurrences on the national scene and in the counties just never catch his eye. “Is his role only on electoral matters, where he seeks to be amicus curiae of the court? The government has over-borrowed loans left and right so much so that the country will soon get a lower credit rating, corruption is getting worse and governors are a law unto themselves. But he is silent, only waiting to appear in petition courts.” His contact is [email protected]


WORST IMPUNITY: The old adage, “the people get the leaders they deserve”, could not be more true about the country today, says Kanyi Gioko. While everyone is only too happy to blame the politicians for “everything under the sun”, Kanyi adds, he tends to see things a little differently. “The worst impunity, greed, selfishness, to name but three, is found within us. Give an ordinary next door chap some opportunity and the rainbow will fold in shame as his true colours emerge.” His contact is [email protected]


‘MASHUJAA’ GIRTH: Watching the military parades during the Mashujaa Day (October 20) celebrations in Nairobi, Ruth Gituma says one of the most glaring sights was that of the “widening girth of some of the senior armed forces and police officers”. This, Ruth adds, has left her wondering whether it’s due to the lack of exercise or just a manifestation of the change in lifestyle of the officers. “Most of them look awful; like they are in various stages of pregnancy.” Her contact is [email protected]

CITY INVASION: When Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko took over the reins of power in Nairobi County, David Jasondu recalls, the man promised all and sundry a complete break with the past. “And within a few weeks, he declared his administration had increased revenue collection and promised to turn around the city’s fortunes. Well, the city has now been taken over by hordes of street children and hawkers even at the CBD, and garbage mountains are back. What is worse, the county can’t even pay workers!”

SINGING TEACHER: News of the death of former University of Nairobi literature lecturer Waigwa Wachira, who excelled during his time with the Travelling Theatre and also as a singer, has saddened Prof Sam Chege, in his base in Kansas, US. Waigwa, Prof Chege adds, was “a great drama teacher, who made me believe I could play any character under the sun”. He concludes: “And not a week went by without him bringing his guitar to class to test his latest tunes. Fare thee well, Mwalimu. You were a great inspiration to many!” His contact is [email protected]

Have a memorable day, won’t you!

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