Thursday November 30 2017

THE DARK SIDE: The recent election campaigns and opposition protests have exposed the dark side of the police service, remarks Mwamba Onyiego. He is particularly concerned about the indiscriminate killings by the officers, but even more bizarre, he adds, is watching TV footage of senior police officers hurling stones at opposition politicians’ cars or clobbering them with their rungus. Sceptical about pledges to investigate their conduct, Mwamba wants all officers are fitted with body cameras while on duty to enforce accountability. His contact is [email protected].

LEGITIMACY: Once voters have picked a leader according to the established electoral laws, the “matter of legitimacy becomes subjective, and a non-issue”, says Jonathan Marete. However, he adds, any individual is “free to claim such a leader has not been legitimately elected”. But unless, one files an election petition and the victory is overturned, the “leader will remain in office and execute his duties”. Politicians claiming that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure is illegitimate, he adds, are just creating a mirage to keep their followers busy until the next elections in 2022. His contact is [email protected]

NOISE POLLUTION: Pleased with Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s decision to skip President Uhuru Kenyatta’s swearing-in on Tuesday, Njoroge Kibe says the other African leaders who honoured the invitation to grace the occasion just showed that they are not bothered about the brutalising of Kenyan opposition leaders for just playing their constitutional role. He cites Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni, Gabon’s Ali Omar Bongo, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn as having let down Kenyans. “Bravo, Magufuli! You are a true friend of Kenyans.” His contact [email protected].

OBSERVATION DECKS: The call by Anthony Irungu to the owners of the tall buildings in Nairobi and other towns to consider creating observation decks for visitors to enjoy a bird’s eye for a fee so as to earn some extra income is simply preaching to the converted, as it is already happening in the city, says Margaret Wanjiru. At the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, she adds, it’s already happening. For a small fee, one can go up into the tall circular building, enjoy an aerial view of Nairobi and take some photos. Her contact is [email protected]

DEADLY CROSSING: There is a bridge in Kirinyaga County without any guard rails, which James Muthui is a alarmed is a disaster in waiting, and hopes the local leadership will address to secure the lives of the people, especially pedestrians. It is the bridge on the road from Mwea towards Karira Mission Hospital, which is used daily mostly by patients and schoolchildren. The newly elected MCA, MP and Governor Anne Waiguru, James hopes will find some time to deal with this potential danger in their midst, with the possibility of a bad accident looming badly daily. His contact is [email protected].

HONORARY TITLE: Herbal doctors, university don X.N, Iraki claims, are “a very honest lot” for indicating that they are not trained medical doctors. Even when the use the title Dr, Iraki adds, it’s often accompanied by the letter, ‘h’, in brackets, as in Dr (H) to make that distinction clear. Now, the don would like to have all holders of honorary doctors to be compelled to indicate that their titles have not been earned through research and writing dissertation. He’s looking forward to seeing something like, Dr (Hon) Njangiri Soet more often. His contact is [email protected].

Have an honest day, won’t you!

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