Kenya is at a crossroads, right decisions need to be made

Friday October 27 2017

Whenever I travelling to my rural home and I have to take a boat, I always pray that we cross over safely. I heave a sigh of relief once I step on the dry land.?

It takes cooperation of the whole team in the boat to reach our destination safely. We on board know that we should sit in a certain manner to achieve balance. If for some reason we disagree and begin to fight in the boat, we stand a chance of drowning in the waters. If the boat sinks, it will sink with all of us.

This is a perfect example of our country now. We seem to be making the wrong decisions forgetting that such a move will make all of us suffer.

Kenyans, we are at crossroads and we have all that it takes to make the right decisions.?


We can choose either to descend deep into disintegration or ascend to greater heights of unity and strength as a people.? We only have two options; progression or retrogression, and the choice is ours.

We can choose to hate one another, be selfish, unforgiving and disunited at our own peril. Or we can choose the best option; to be loving, forgiving and generous,? and we will realise a better nation.

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

One of the greatest assets is our diversity, with different communities having special talents. Therefore, we really need to embrace the diversity and talents to go to the next level.


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