Cecafa offers Kenya chance for redemption

Monday November 20 2017

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After the “Mombasa” Football Kenya Federation Annual General Meeting, we do suppose that we will settle down to seeing the smooth running of the Cecafa Senior challenge Cup.

We lost the hosting rights for the African Nations Championships because we had shoddy stadiums that just could be accepted by Caf to host matches.

But as we were lamenting this fact, we were given a chance by Cecafa to host the Challenge Cup.

We are very good at talking and convincing people verbally but when it comes to action, we always seem to fall short. It is an annoying Kenyan trait that we just are unable to do away with.

Now, with the invitation of other countries to the tourney, some of us just have to hold our breaths in fear that the same hiccups may shame the country.


The last time we hosted this Cup, there were teams that were detained in hotel rooms because our officials forgot to pay bills.

There were diplomats running around unhappily trying to free their nationals from that shame. We still do not know if FKF ever felt some heat of embarrassment on their faces; or perhaps they lost that human feeling a long time ago. Some people may have laughed in private at the discomfort they caused to foreigners.

There were stadiums that had faulty lighting. Some people had gone for the cheap and the lights were not adequate.

The result was that some matches had to be played at midday in the hot Mombasa sun and what we experienced was extremely shameful. The players were sweating profusely as they suffered from the unfamiliar humidity.

Those are just some of the things we learned from the past. It is fashionable these days to throw all the past on the office holders of the time.

Well, they are gone now but the excuses are still with us. It is time to now put all that behind us and try even for once to put up a good show!

The stadiums that have been elected to host the tournament are suspect to some of us and to make matters worse they are far from each other.

This means that transport logistics must be well taken care of before the start of the tourney.

The playing surfaces and the mud occasioned by the recent rains have also left them dilapidated as we saw in some matches of the Kenya Premier league that took place recently. That mud must not be there.

We must also exhort the county governments to at least do something about the grounds that are found in their jurisdiction. The hosting of tournaments is not only to be left squarely with the football body but must include input from both the National and county governments.

Let us all cross our fingers and expect that we may for once do something worthy of adulation.

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