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  •  News

     Heavy rains in Mombasa lead to flooding of many residences
    3  hours ago
     Duale: There is no place in law for the people's assembly
    3  hours ago
     ELOG says it can not determine if election was fair
    3  hours ago
     EU recommends dialogue between senior political leaders
    3  hours ago
     Concerns emerge on fraud cases surrounding Standard Gauge Railway tickets
    3  hours ago
     IMLU alleges police killed 13 people in 5 days in opposition areas
    3  hours ago
     SIDEBAR: What next after Uhuru's win?
    3  hours ago
     Adan: GDP slowed by 1% over prolonged electioneering period
    3  hours ago


     What next for journalists after the attack by goons at the Nasa meeting
    8  hours ago
     Is Nasa's National Resistance Movement the right way to push for inclusivity?
    8  hours ago
     Mustafa Ali says NRM launched by Nasa is 'illegal & illegitimate'
    8  hours ago
     Which way for Kenya after this divisive poll? - #AMLiveNTV
    8  hours ago
     Peter Kagwanja hits out at Nasa over attack on journalists at Wiper HQs
    7  hours ago
     Group of Mombasa women celebrate President Kenyatta's win
    7  hours ago
     Former Wajir governor says election rigged in favour of current governor
    7  hours ago
     'We the people' group calls for total reconstitution of IEBC
    1 day ago


     Garra Rufa fish: The new way of doing pedicures
    11  hours ago
     Fulk Al Salamah: The super yacht with a palace that accommodates the Sultan of Oman
    1 day ago
     Spinal bifida patient revealing how her community isolated her due to her condition
    Tue Oct 17 11:22:50 EAT 2017
     #theTrend: Zambian musical trio Urban Hype
    Sat Oct 14 12:20:08 EAT 2017
     #theTrend: Who would Urban Hype marry, date or friend zone?
    Sat Oct 14 12:21:19 EAT 2017
     #theTrend: Urban Hype perform their hit song 'Paloma'
    Sat Oct 14 12:22:21 EAT 2017
     #theTrend: Lady Jaydee on staying relevant in the music industry
    Sat Oct 14 12:23:26 EAT 2017
     #theTrend: Majic Mike on staying focused in his Gospel music career
    Sat Oct 14 12:24:29 EAT 2017


     Taxi firm Uber launches Sh 150,000 accident cover policy
    7  hours ago
     Basket makers in Lamu say sales have gone up since ban took effect
    7  hours ago
     German tourist religiously visits Watamu despite political tensions
    14  hours ago
     Entrepreneurs want businesses to recover from prolonged elections
    14  hours ago
     Government allows British firm Zarara to explore gas in Lamu
    14  hours ago
     Inflation dips to 17-month low in October to 5.72%
    14  hours ago
     Mumias Sugar re-opens after three months of renovations
    14  hours ago
     Nakumatt creditors opposed to appointment of an administrator
    14  hours ago


     Defining a Kenyan hero - The Wicked Edition
    Tue Oct 24 22:21:59 EAT 2017
     Women of influence speak out for the girl child - Crossover101
    Sun Oct 15 11:58:09 EAT 2017
     Kenyans read broke from Oliech haircut #TTTT
    Sat Oct 07 00:14:51 EAT 2017
     Bedsitter chronicles cast on making it big on the internet #theTrend
    Sat Oct 07 00:14:08 EAT 2017
     'Subiri', Emmy Kosgei, Mercy Masika and Evelyne Wanjiru speak of their new collabo #theTrend
    Sat Oct 07 00:15:35 EAT 2017
     Webi performs 'pesa' on #theTrend
    Sat Oct 07 00:12:46 EAT 2017
     Gospel artist Webi debuts his new song 'New Dawn' #theTrend
    Sat Oct 07 00:13:25 EAT 2017
     Webi: 'I wrote 'New Dawn' when I was going through a difficult time' #theTrend
    Sat Oct 07 00:19:24 EAT 2017